Corporate style

The logo and the corporate style of the company reflect the principles and values of each person working in our company.

NAME "Business-KRUG"
The CIRCLE is not just geometrical figure, it is a cut of the most perfect geometrical solid — a sphere.

As well our company — strive to represent a cut of the most perfect consulting companies of Russia of the present time.

The star — as is well-known, is the guide, shows the road to all who chose the way. A way of the company — respect for interests of clients, employees, shareholders taking into account the universal moral, ethical standards and the principles.

The diamond with a facet which is in a circle is designed to reflect importance of transparency and purity of the relations, intentions in customer relations, partners, employees, shareholders of the company.

The circle (framing diamond) — meant at all times perfection. Fair respect for interests of the parties. From our point of view she personifies perfect model of mutually beneficial cooperation which allows to achieve any desirable results.

As the primary corporate color in the company it is recognized — red. Red color is considered stimulating, promotes activity and friendliness. Gives confidence and readiness for action, declares force and opportunities.