Kulik Boris

Chairman of the board of directors, founder of group of companies. 
Has the diploma of the master of business administration (MBA) in the Human resources management.
Length of service in the management: more than 13 years.
Has a long experience of projects implementation on development and the organization of business in the largest Russian and foreign companies, financial institutions and holding structures.
Is engaged in fixed increase in operating efficiency of business and a strategic development of Consulting group "Business-KRUG", regarding opening of new activities, strategic planning, expansion partner and regional networks.

Rumova Svetlana

Board member, candidate of philosophical sciences.
Has the diploma of the master of business administration (MBA) in the Financial management.
Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Member of advisory council of "Self-regulatory Organisation of Association of the Russian Masters of Assessment" Non-profit partnership (ARMO).
Is a member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, RICS.  
Chairman of Committee on purchases of services of audit, assessment and consulting of non-commercial partnership "Professionaly elektronnogo rynka".
The member of industry department on estimative activities of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia".
Length of management: more than 13 years. 
Represents Consulting group on professional and industry actions.
The "Business-KRUG" team is group of the skilled consultants having competences and a work experience in the field of cost consultation, appraisal, audit, financial accounting, the taxation, legal consultation, due diligence, public-private partnership, strategy, management consulting. 
Consultants are members of professional self-regulatory organizations. All appraisers have competence certificates about passing a single qualification examination according to the requirements to the level of knowledge shown by the federal standard of assessment to the expert of self-regulatory organization of appraisers. Also the specialists who are full members of RICS, TEGOVA and the specialists having diplomas in the international financial reporting, diplomas of ASA (the American Society of Appraisers).